Study thesis about cellular positioning

Here you find my study thesis (Studienarbeit) about the cellular positioning (Zellortung) in the traffic, so it's about how to locate yourself only with fingerprint data and surrounding WiFi access point visibility.

The official title of the study thesis is: Untersuchungen zellbasierter Ortungsverfahren hinsichtlich Genauigkeit und Energieeffizienz

I wrote it for my studies in electrical engineering at the chair "Informationstechnik für Verkehrssysteme" (Institut für Verkehrstelematik an der Fakultät Verkehrswissenschaften "Friedrich List")

Some of the special features of this thesis production are listed here:


Study thesis: Zellortung-0.451.web.pdf (5,8 MiB)

Projektverzeichnis: Zellortung-0.451_Ausschnitt.tar.bz2 (12,1 MiB)

Remark on the versioning: the official version was 0.450; the here available version 0.451 is pretty similar except few small spelling mistakes and on clarification.

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