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TerKur – Terminverteiler für die ganze Stadt

(Event distribution for the whole city)

Project of Zukunftsstadt Dresden: A18 TerKur

Projekt Description

When you announce an event in Dresden (or any other city) you additionally use a city specific synchronized letter sequence along with the „traditional“ invitation. Combined with an automatic scraper and a pretty tiny editorial office you can maintain a central Dresden calendar and further manage replacements/revocations which will be accessible even for users which found the events on non-electronic media (posters) or mailing lists etc..

This project is a fork from project A17 City-Concierge. State of 27 December 2017.

Projekt Goal

Goal is to use the promptness of electronic communications whilst keeping the local contact person.


Hier are some technical Details provided in a nice graphical manner which can be downloaded here: TerKur-Details_en.pdf (ca. 0,5 MB)

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